Row My Boat - Gay Erotica Sage Yarber Author

Row My Boat - Gay Erotica Sage Yarber Author
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Row My Boat is a Gay Erotica short story - M/M. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.When Josh decides to accompany his friends on an excursion to a nearby lake he expects it to be a typical outing with his straight friends, dodging the advances of an amorous girl. None of his friends know he is gay so he expects to be tense and bored all day long. He never expected to end up meeting Alex, an attractive, familiar looking man who is a member of the university’s rowing team. Josh is immediately drawn to the hot young man whose muscular body and handsome faces makes him stand out from the crowd of lean fit athletes. When they stray away from the group, Josh realizes where he knows Alex from. Far from being angry, Alex is willing to explore his desires with Josh and now that they are alone, they can discover what other secrets they share. This leads to an unexpected friendship and a fun afternoon.ExcerptThe rowing team consisted of several men, some darker than others. But what none of them lacked were muscles. Josh had been right in observing them from a distance. Their shoulders were the biggest he had ever seen; they were all grinning and giving each other high fives for their morning’s worth of hard work and practice. There was one of them in particular who caught Josh’s eye; he was one of the blond ones, with hair that was more golden than anything. It was combed back and wet looking, as if even the wind hadn’t managed to dry it or lift it from its place.The reason Josh had his eye on him was a mystery. He felt like he knew him from somewhere: his remarkably square jaw, his large grin full of white teeth, and his small, dark eyes that were shining in the light looked too familiar. But he still couldn’t place it.

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