Seasons of Lesbian Erotica Patient Lee Author

Seasons of Lesbian Erotica Patient Lee Author
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From the author of Wicked Hot and Gay Greenhorn on the F/V Lost Agnes, Seasons of Lesbian Erotica- a lesbian erotic romance for each season by Patient Lee. (Four stories, varying in length.) Spring: Alive and Well- A young woman traveling with missionaries in Nicaragua can’t leave the country following the March, 1931 earthquake. She writes a letter to her secret lover describing the destruction and reminiscing about their last night together. Just for fun, she details her use of an unconventional sex toy. Summer: Fighting Fire with Fire- A fire breaks out in an RV, and a volunteer firefighter saves the welder’s dog, prompting daydreams of falling in love with the hunky owner. When she meets the welder, she discovers desires she didn’t know she had-feelings for another woman. Autumn: Ghosts Have Pride- A young woman is unhappy in her relationship with a man until her grandmother’s ghost appears to help her discover her desire for women. Winter: Mobile Home for the Holidays- Two homeless women come together to pool their resources and get off the streets. Finding love together is a bonus.

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