Secrets Of An Exotic Dancer - Black Erotica Shala Breece Author

Secrets Of An Exotic Dancer - Black Erotica Shala Breece Author
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Secrets Of An Exotic Dancer is a Black Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.From a very young age Amy Johnson, decided that she would get anything she want, and she was not afraid to trade her body for it. She had beautiful chocolate brown complexion, with thick long black hair and a petite figure. She is now working at one of Miami’s hottest gentleman’s club, she makes more money in one night than most people get in a week. After she gives a private session to handsomely, mysterious guy, she is left wanting more. She is contented with her life, but however when her best friend and co-worker falls ill, her world is shattered. The fabulous life that she lived, is now the thing that may very well take her life. After her friend Suzie, confides in her, and tells her that she had been diagnosed with Aids in the advanced stages, Amy is forced to decide whether she will give up this lifestyle and find alternative employment.ExcerptThere was a handsome dark-eyed gentlemen seating in the back; he wore a navy blue suit and he seemed like he could afford her. She swiftly made her way to him and hoped over his legs that he slipped a hundred dollar bill into the sides of her tong. Her heart pounded as his hot masculine hands slowly glided their away along her body. Normally she did not approve of the customer physically touching her, unless it was a private session, but there was something about this handsome stranger that had her wanting to feel his touch, his lips, his everything. His eyes examined every inch of her body. He kept licking his lips, and by the way his leg shook nervously, she could tell that this was probably his first time at the club, and possibly even his first professional lap dance.

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