Senator Brick Scrotorum Erotica Bundle Rod Mandelli Author

Senator Brick Scrotorum Erotica Bundle Rod Mandelli Author
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This gay erotica collection contains all three Senator Brick Scrotorum stories and a bonus Gay Sex Confessions story titled My Hot, Older Neighbor. Included are: Senator Brick Scrotorum & His College Buddy - A publicly anti-gay senator does his college buddy late one night in the office, unaware that his political science intern, Pete, is spying on them. Senator Brick Scrotorum & The Intern - After finding himself attracted to the DILF-type senator, Pete makes good use of the photographic evidence he gathered of the affair between the married, supposedly arch-conservative senator and his college buddy. When Pete decides that jacking it solo isn’t enough, he puts a plan in motion to discover if Senator Scrotorum is into younger twinks. Senator Brick Scrotorum & The Political Consultant - Washington fixer Oliver Papi springs into action ready to do whatever (or whomever) it takes to manhandle the sticky situation.A naked intern on his knees. A muscular jock bound to a bed. BDSM tickle torture. A hulking political consultant with a member the size of a double wide paper towel tube. You’ll get a blast out of this explosive finale to the Brick Scrotorum series.My Hot, Older Neighbor - Straight and smooth high school muscle stud Roy is about to find out how hot things can get on summer vacation when a hunky and hairy new neighbor in his 30’s moves in across the street. Which will get manhandled more, the moving boxes or Roy?