Sexually Defiled (Five Erotica Stories of Innocence Lost) Erika Hardwick Author

Sexually Defiled (Five Erotica Stories of Innocence Lost) Erika Hardwick Author
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Sexually defiled…that moment when a beautiful girl is introduced to debauchery. It’s a scorching moment in time, and nobody captures it as well as Erika Hardwick. In this collection, lovely ladies experience their first lesbian sex, first group sex, first anal sex, and more.1. MELODY THE SLUT WIFE (A Double Team Wife Share Erotica Story)Melody is one hot professional woman, just like her husband Eric likes her. She’s a perfect lady in public and a sex goddess slut wife freak in the bedroom. She’s also addicted to erotica, and she and Eric love to fantasize about the hardcore erotica she reads. Her current book is all about mmf ménage sex, and Eric decides it’s time to make his wife’s double team sex fantasy come true. He and his friend treat his hot slut wife to a wonderful night of her first double team sex, filled with double penetration!2. SEDUCED AT THE DOCTOR’S OFFICE (A First Lesbian Sex Threesome with Nurse and Doctor Erotica Story)Dorie doesn’t really like doctor’s offices, but after some browbeating by concerned loved ones, she finally agrees to go to her first check up in years. She’s uncomfortable and stunned when the doctor prescribes an interesting cure for her! She calls in a nurse, and the two beautiful women take Dorie through her first lesbian sex experience in a scorching threesome that will leave you reeling!3. SEDUCING THE BABYSITTER (A Husband Share MFF Threesome Sex Erotica Story)Jen can’t help but stare at Jarvis and his wife when she babysits for them. One night after getting the kids to bed, Jarvis gives this horny barely legal babysitter some extra attention. She just can’t help herself, but the best is yet to come because Jarvis’ slut wife is absolutely ready to join in, and before the night is over, Jen will have a red-hot ménage a trois complete with her first lesbian sex experience and her first anal sex!4. TALIA TOUCHED, TONGUED, AND TAKEN (A First Lesbian Sex MFF Threesome Erotica Story)Talia is hit by culture shock when she moves from the big city to a small rural community for college. This barely legal coed has no idea what’s in store for her. When she applies for a weekend job to help make ends meet, she’s pretty sure it will come in handy. It sure does, and how! Mr. and Mrs. Barnes aren’t after light housekeeping. Mrs. Barnes is a complete slut wife, and the only thing that will keep her happy is a sweet and sexy girl to join them in bed for a scorching first lesbian experience and a red-hot ménage a trois!5. THE BACKDOOR SEX CLUB (An Anal Sex Club erotica story)Clarissa is getting tired of hearing her friend Sally constantly describe her sexual conquests. There’s no way her friend is anywhere near as sex-crazed as she claims…is there? Surprised to discover that she’s getting a little self-conscious about it and even a bit sex-crazed herself, Clarissa decides to throw caution to the wind and visit The Circle Club, a black tie nightclub that, if the rumors are true, never stays formal for long. She’s ready to let her hair down and really show that she can shine as brightly as Sally, but has she gotten herself in too deep? One thing’s for certain, when she volunteers for some fun with three cute guys, she never thought they’d be ready to help out…by taking her virgin ass over and over! It’s a first anal sex extravaganza, and Clarissa is the main attraction!Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during encounters in which girls are sexually defiled. It includes girls defiled by first lesbian sex, first group sex, first swinger sex, first anal sex, anal gangbang sex, rough sex, threesome sex, and double penetration. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.Sexually defiled beautiful babes are waiting so move that mouse, click that button, and start reading in seconds!

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