Sexy Erotica Vol. 3 Sophie Sin Author

Sexy Erotica Vol. 3 Sophie Sin Author
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Several erotica stories by Sophie Sin. Included are the story of a couple about to enter the fight of their lives sharing one last touching moment before the plunge into the unknown, a wild woman that is calmed by a shorter and more dominant man, a husband returning home to two, a well hung man pleasuring a surfer girl, and many more. There is something for everyone within!A few of the stories in ‘Sexy Erotica Vol. 3’ are:# Before The Battle (Romance)Before a battle one man takes his woman into his arms one last time. A short erotic story that takes place in times long gone by.# Forever Ain’t That Long (Domination)A wild and angry woman of height meets a calm and cool shorter man who shows her the meaning of rough and dominant. Kinky and emotional.# Returning Home To Two (Threesome)Terry knew there would be a surprise waiting for him, but an old flame and his older love have some rather filthy plans prepared for him. Lactating, pregnant, older and more, this book has all the kinks you’ll ever need.# On The Balcony (Well Hung)Her first time working with Jack leads to many first times for both of them. Can a gorgeous surfer girl take this ‘big wave’ and stay standing?# Trimmed Passion (Seduction)His desire to trim and cut hair is unmatched. A famous hair dresser engages in his naughty little after work hobby with a hot upper class model in need of ‘special treatment’…. and many more inside.

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