Sexy Erotica Vol. 4 Sophie Sin Author

Sexy Erotica Vol. 4 Sophie Sin Author
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Several erotica stories by Sophie Sin. Included are the story of a beach hookup for one pro-surfer and a young and gorgeous woman that wants to ride his waves, a business man relaxed by an Asian stewardess on a rough flight, a young man finally getting a shot at the older MILF he has privately ‘worshipped’ his entire life. There is something for everyone within!A few of the stories in ‘Sexy Erotica Vol. 4’ are:# Beach Surfer Girl Hook Up (Romance)In Beach Surfer Hook Up a young and gorgeous woman meets the pro-surfer of her dreams due to the intervention of his friendly well-meaning grandfather. Love, sex and a on the couch hookup that is steamy hot. What better place to meet a hot guy than on the beach?# Rich Euro Stud Rebound (Well Hung)In Rich Euro Stud a young woman meets a hot European stud and in a moment of weakness invites him home only to find that the man is more than just handsome and has some tricks up his sleeve that will fulfill her immediate uncontrollable desire for him and so much more.# Ecstasy at 10,000 Feet (Mile High Club)He’s always had a fear of flying, but this time that fear is going to overtake him and push him to a place that is both dark and fearful. Thankfully, an angel exists in the form of a stewardess too hot and too sexy for a guy like him. At 10,000 feet many things can happen. Some might actually save lives, minds and male pride. Sizzlingly sexy erotica!# Mrs. Melody Lane (MILF)The opportunities that we miss are the ones that we regret for a lifetime. One man, on the eve of a big change in his life, has a single opportunity to do what should have been done. Erotic paranormal kink.# Public Sex On Car (Public)In Public Sex On A Car a young woman finds herself in the sights of a hot out of town hunk with only one problem: He’s leaving her town today and has no time for more. Where there is desire, there is opportunity. One woman takes a big chance and receives a sexy pay off that sizzles from one page to another.# What I Did On Cocaine (Hardcore)White powder is my fuel. I see and I do and I am. This woman will never satisfy me. Give me 10, give me 12, give me more! More! MORE! A humorous erotic story of sex and drugs…. and many more inside.

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