Shifter Paranormal Erotica: Tiger Magic Stacy M. Anderson Author

Shifter Paranormal Erotica: Tiger Magic Stacy M. Anderson Author
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Shifter Paranormal BBW Erotica: Tiger Magic.She is an environmental science professor and animal activist and he a ’teacher’s pet’.A seasoned Miami author and professor who specializes in the study of jungle creatures, Lucy Stratford finds her ultimate subject of study in student Damien Meisner: a gorgeous 21-year-old who also happens to be a tiger shifter.What Lucy doesn’t know is that she most literally brings out the animal in Damien; a hot, passionate young man who is secretly in love with his wise older teacher. Yet when the two decide to conduct an in-depth environmental study at nearby Havenwood Animal Retreat, the exotic and uniquely beautiful home of many a shifter, he becomes determined to romance and seduce the older woman who has stolen his heart.With yet another scintillating story of a strong, sassy woman sharing forbidden romance with a sensual shapeshifter, author Stacy M. Anderson delivers a sexy read with Tiger Magic.Paranormal Shifter BBW Erotica: Tiger Magic. She is an animal researcher and he a hot young shapeshifter with a passion for older women. Can they satisfy their hunger, together?If you are looking for a HOT Paranormal Shifter Erotica Story, scroll up and get your copy Now!