Shores of Tripoli (A Gay Erotica Historical) Dirk Hessian Author

Shores of Tripoli (A Gay Erotica Historical) Dirk Hessian Author
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BarbarianSpy Xtreme: contains frequent rough sex, and BDSM elements.Coming into his majority in the Boston merchant world of 1801 and having been brutally initiated into man sex during a roadside encounter, the merchant’s son and printer’s apprentice, Billy, begins a life of discovery of what he wants from another man. He thinks he wants—and deserves—rough taking and punishment, but not all of his lovers agree. The call of the sea and early linking up with a pirate chieftain lead him into a life where, though he is deemed too small and fair of looks to be trusted among common seaman, the men of the sea win through on finding their own purposes for him.Billy’s story leads him from nominally prim Boston to hedonist Charleston and the slaves of a South Carolina rice plantation and then on across the Atlantic to the Azores and the Mediterranean.The saga of Billy’s sexual adventures and seekings are backdropped in Shores of Tripoli by piracy on the East Coast of the young United States, piracy on the Atlantic at the beginning of the nineteenth century, and American’s engagement in the Barbary Coast antipiracy wars in the Mediterranean. The Barbary Coast wars, storming up on the shores of Tripoli, provided the first foreign land battles that the young United States engaged in as well as the first use of U.S. Marines—and our young Billy was there to see and experience it all.Billy’s story is one of possession by a succession of naval chieftains—pirate and U.S. Navy alike, as well as randy and fit Marines and Arab potentates—and also of men who try to convince him that sex can be more equal and romance based. The question remains of what maturity and time leads him to believe and accept as the sexual experience he most wants.Review Extract: Black Tulip at Confessions from RomaholicsIt was raw, rough, full of testosterone, terribly realistic, vastly entertaining but also exciting, addictive and above all it was unputdownable! The rating system doesn’t allow half points so I give 4 STARS but it’s more like 4.5.