Short Erotica Stories Vol. 2 Dick Powers Author

Short Erotica Stories Vol. 2 Dick Powers Author
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Four erotic stories by Dick powers. Included are the story of a man newly single after a messy break up finding a hot replacement in Mr. Handsome, a young man never once kissed getting kissed for the first time by an eager hunk, an interracial super sized stud and a short male, and a fortitudinous meeting with a hot man on the beach. There’s something for everyone within.‘Short Erotica Stories Vol. 2’ contains:# No Chance For Love (Alpha Male)Dumped? Hot bodied men await! Jack Steam leaves his foolish boyfriend Edward and finds himself single. When a man of high libido is free, the first thing on his mind is a replacement. Enter Mr. Handsome: The man with the body of steel. Too sexy to handle, Jack finds himself dangerous territory pretty quickly. An intense romp from Dick Powers.# You Aren’t That Charming (First Times)Never been kissed? Young, charming Michael Harris has never laid lips on another. Braces keeping him out of lip lock, he hungers only for his first kiss. Now they are off and it’s time to experience what he craves. Unfortunately, luck isn’t on his side until he meets a sexy young salesman with a unique sales pitch. Will there be more than a kiss for Michael?# Hot Men Are Pigs (Obsession)Oh, no he didn’t! Slim, dark skinned John Frank Jr. dumps cheating boyfriend Tarone Jackson. Finding a new man with a job isn’t easy in the ghetto. Not until a super sized stranger comes along and shows him that white men aren’t all small in size. Is there are limit to how large one man can take?# Isn’t It Glorious? (Hunk)When you are too ugly… Once attractive Michael Bronze is put on forced ‘holiday’ for having the worst haircut on the planet by his handsome friend and boss Zac Gray. Michael goes bald to resolve his ‘hair issues’, but not a single man on the beach will touch him. Everyone except lusty surfer Harry Flyer who takes him on a drug-filled adventure that ends in something kinky done in public.

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