Steamy Shorts 1: A collection of Steampunk and Science Fiction Erotica short fiction Jean Ecrivain Author

Steamy Shorts 1: A collection of Steampunk and Science Fiction Erotica short fiction Jean Ecrivain Author
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Welcome to the world of Jean Ecrivain’s erotica short stories. Covering the range of erotica sub-genres and usually set in a world of Steampunk, Science Fiction, or Fantasy in a collection of short tales on frequently taboo subjects. The stories are hot, adult erotica and often include BDSM, menage, and alternative sexual themes. Most of the stories involve strong women who take control of their own sexuality. The stories are usually about 5,000 words long (20 pages) and include a romance story as well as the hot sex and steampunk, SF, or fantasy setting. In this collection of five erotic short stories for women (and their men) are: 1. The Magnificent Vibrational Relief Machine What’s a steampunk lady to do when her man is away to the wars? Why, that’s where The Magnificent Vibrational Relief Machine is at home. Discover how this lady and her maid test out the latest in clockwork inventions of the 19th Century. 2. Queen Bee Space can be such a lonely place. And sailor’s bars are all the same no matter what their orientation. Join this Starship Captain as she relaxes in a port bar and enjoys the rather personal entertainment. 3. Pirate Jenny Airship pirates get lonely too. What happens when Captain Jenny’s ship captures another airship and a handsome young officer catches her eye? Hot femdom action that’ll have you wanting a cold shower or a little action of your own. 4. Steamy Shorts What happens when a very temporary secretary builds up steam in her shorts? Mr. Taws has lost his personal secretary to another man. Lilly is sent by her temporary agency to be his very personal helper. Steampunk has never been so hot. 5. A Taste for the Night The short story that launched the A Taste for the Night series. Poor Sarah has been promised to the vampire that provides for her town. Follow her as she makes the trip from the town to his hall and remembers her very special training. WARNING: This book contains adult themes and situations including graphic language, bondage, BDSM , sex slaves, BDSMxxx, domination, submission, XXX situations, lesbianism, threesomes, and rough sex. Intended for the entertainment of adults over the age of 21 only.

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