Stone Angel: The Chosen Ones Christina Dodd Author

Stone Angel: The Chosen Ones Christina Dodd Author
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New York Times best seller Christina Dodd brings you STONE ANGEL, an original paranormal romance novella of suspense, mystery, and passion. STONE ANGEL is the prequel to WILDER and part of Christina Dodd’s popular paranormal Chosen Ones series. Amanda Reed has been given an ultimatum: risk her life as a madman’s spy or her young sister will live out her life frozen in stone, a decorative statue in a wizard’s cold mansion. Amanda needs help, help only one man can provide…the man who betrayed her and broke her heart.Orphan, scoundrel, and one of the Others, Liam Gallagher learned to survive by any means. He had orders to seduce Amanda; then, against all odds, he fell in love. Now to win back her trust, he will risk everything, do anything, be anything for the woman he loves.Together, Amanda and Liam face a terrifying nightmare. But time is short, and only if these two wounded souls learn what trust truly means can they succeed…Readers of J. R. Ward and Christine Feehan will enjoy STONE ANGEL and all the paranormal books in the Chosen Ones series. These exciting titles are:STORM OF VISIONS: the Chosen Ones STORM OF SHADOWS: the Chosen Ones CHAINS OF ICE: the Chosen Ones CHAINS OF FIRE: the Chosen Ones STONE ANGEL: the Chosen Ones WILDER: the Chosen Ones (WILDER tells the story of Aleksandr Wilder of Christina Dodd’s popular paranormal Werewolves & Shifters series, Darkness Chosen, and connects the two series.)Find Christina’s Books by series and Printable Book List on her website, and join her mailing list for news, entertainment and humor. ChristinaDodd.comMore ways to connect with Christina DoddBookbub - Christina Dodd Goodreads - Christina DoddGoogle+ - ChristinaDoddBooksFacebook - ChristinaDoddFansTwitter - @ChristinaDodd