Straight to Sissy: A Gay Hypnosis Tale Bobbi Mare Author

Straight to Sissy: A Gay Hypnosis Tale Bobbi Mare Author
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Part of me wanted to rip off my collar and march proudly, defiantly out the front doors to safety. That part of me, the half that still answered to David, was fighting hard to banish the cobwebs inside my head. I could almost feel him flicking imaginary switches and swapping symbolic cables, as if he could reprogram me and restore me to the man I’d been before breakfast.The other part of me, the half that answered to bitch, knelt inside my mind, luxuriating in new sensations. He was breathing deeply, taking in the scent of slut’s cum all over our face, tasting Master’s saliva where it had run down our face, sucking contentedly on the dirty butt plug in our mouth, enjoying the taste as much as the knowledge of where it had been. He was relaxed, open to whatever came next, ready to accept whatever pleasures were demanded of us.The question was, which was one was the real me? Had Master orchestrated such a complete and utter breaking that he’d embedded an entirely new personality inside of me, or had he uncovered one that was already there, setting it free? Was I the angry, frightened straight man fumbling with wiring, or was I the happy, content, sissy faggot waiting to be used? And, in the end, did it matter who I was? Wasn’t it better to choose happiness, even if that was a lie?Or was that the ultimate betrayal?Straight to Sissy! is a work of hardcore gay erotica, intended for adults only. If you like hypnosis and mind control, dominant black men, submissive sissies, and faggot roommates, then let’s play.