Stranger Sex Erotica Stories: Five Explicit Sex with Stranger Erotica Stories Naughty Daydreams Press Author

Stranger Sex Erotica Stories: Five Explicit Sex with Stranger Erotica Stories Naughty Daydreams Press Author
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How would you like to read this story?WRANGLED BY THE COWBOYS (My Money Won’t Help Me Now!)A Tale of Rough Double PenetrationI was rich. I was really, really rich. I was also in the throes of some kind of desperate rebellion, trying to throw off the shackles of my family’s heritage in a crazy and ultimately stupid way. I turned eighteen and went to one of those legal brothels. I didn’t head there to become a customer. No way. I went there to perform the ultimate betrayal of my blue blood roots. I went there to be a whore. It was on my very first night that I got an offer to take on two men at once. They were cowboys. Dear God, were they cowboys! Those men and their double team intensity was more than I ever imagined. Let me tell you, this little filly couldn’t believe it when I was bent over and had my first anal sex. That wasn’t it. There was also double penetration, very rough double penetration!That’s only one of the sexy tales you’ll find in this collection. Click now and it can be on your E-reader in just a moment or two.Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity including rough first anal sex, reluctant first anal sex, rough sex, stranger sex, younger woman sex, group sex and more. Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this collection.Here are the rest of the stories!2. I THOUGHT THIS WAS A BOOK CLUB! (A First Lesbian Group Sex Erotica Story)Life is going well for me, but it’s been hard to just let the whole college experience fade away. I miss the intellectual airs and the focus on literature, so I decide to find a book club. I end up at a hole in the wall bar for a poetry reading and even worm my way into a little group literature get together afterward. I never expected the readings to be so racy, and I certainly never expected four girls to decide it was time to initiate me into my first lesbian experience!3. ISABELLE BENT OVER (Intensity at the Handsome Stranger’s Apartment)A First Anal Sex Erotica StoryIsabelle is about to be bent over by the dark and handsome stranger. She doesn’t know it. Sure, she knows she’s going to sleep with him. That’s a foregone conclusion, and she’s pretty damned happy about that. She can’t keep her hands, mouth, and body off him when they arrive at his apartment but that’s just to be expected. What’s not to be expected is what happens next, the feel of him up against the little opening of her never-before-touched ass!4. THAT KNIGHT AT THE BAR (First Anal Sex with a Stranger)Julie has had a very tough month, and as far as she’s concerned a drink at the bar is just necessary. One glass of wine turns into three, and before she can really deal with it, a handsome knight in shining armor comes to her rescue. Of course, his armor is really an expensive business suit, but he’s certainly going to rescue Julie from the terrible stress and boredom in her life…by giving her the opportunity for steamy sex with a stranger. With a knight like this, that includes rough deep throat and her first anal sex!5. YOU COULD ALWAYS CHOOSE JAIL (A Rough and Reluctant Public Blackmail Sex Short)Melanie is in real trouble. She stole a car and got caught. She’s looking prison right in the eye, but the police officer who holds her destiny in the palm of his hand offers a choice. He can arrest her or he can fuck her, right there in front of the other police officers. She has no choice. It’s blackmail sex at its most vicious and she chooses the sex in public. When it comes, it comes hard and rough with her bent over until she’s finally got no choice but to swallow more than her pride!

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