Sultry Sonata: Volume 1: A Bundle of Five Erotic Short Stories Sonata Sorento Author

Sultry Sonata: Volume 1: A Bundle of Five Erotic Short Stories Sonata Sorento Author
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Mmmmore Productions presents five scorching stories from Sonata Sorento, the undisputed queen of bondage and domination erotica. Whether you like straight one on one hardcore sex, lesbian sex, double team sex, or an all out gangbang, you’ll love these stories of lovely ladies getting a first BDSM experience!A Taste of Tanya All Tied Up: A First Lesbian Sex Bondage ShortTanya is really enjoying the college party, and she’s surprised when Amy, the beautiful girl from her calculus glass recognizes her. She’s also surprised at the desires the girl awakens in her. Before long, conversation turns to dancing, and it doesn’t take long before dancing turns to finding somewhere private. From there, it’s no time at all before she’s right in the middle of a scorching first lesbian experience, and Amy’s not content to leave Tanya’s courage to chance. That’s why she makes sure there’s bondage involved!Anal Humiliation to End an Argument: A Bondage and Domination Gangbang Erotica StoryEmily and her husband Chris have a simple arrangement. Most of the month, their sex life is ordinary, but once a month Chris can grab her, tie her up, and take her however he wants. She never expected he would do it to shut her up! Emily is getting tired of Chris’ behavior when it comes to how the house runs, and when he gets sick of the argument, he just enforces the arrangement. Before long she’s in handcuffs and Chris is in control. That’s not all, though, because Chris has decided it’s the perfect day to tell all his friends, “fuck my wife!” Before long, Emily’s in the middle of her an anal sex gangbang…with her husband’s friends!Backstage Bondage Blowjob: An Erotica StorySteph can’t believe she’s won tickets to see her favorite band in concert. Not only that, but she has backstage passes, too! It’s the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to her, and she’s ready to rock and roll! The concert’s incredible, and the meet and greet is even better, but Steph is about to find out what hard rocking is all about. The lead singer wants more than a meet and more than a greet. He wants Steph in handcuffs for a scorching backstage bondage sex encounter!Bent Over and Gangbanged: A Reluctant First Anal Sex Erotica StoryLaura should never have borrowed money from them. She certainly should never have allowed herself to believe that they wouldn’t come after her for it! Suddenly she finds herself right in the middle of a situation spiraling out of control. By the time the night is over, she’ll experience her first anal sex ever, right in the middle of a rough and reluctant gangbang!Bondage for Tina: A First BDSM ExperienceTina loves watching Parker, and she especially loves getting to bat her eyes at Damon, his hunky lifeguard single dad father. One night, after the boy is asleep, she finds handcuff’s in Damon’s room. Curious, she puts them on and gets a thrill at the feeling. When she tries to get out of them, she can’t! What will Damon do when he finds his beautiful sitter handcuffed and helpless on the bed? He’ll satisfy her bondage and domination curiosity with a scorching BDSM experience, of course!Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various first BDSM sex encounters. It includes office sex, bondage, spanking, lesbian sex, humiliation, domination, reluctant sex, forced deep throat, gangbang sex, anal sex, and double penetration. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

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