Supernatural Erotica Boxed Set Collection (Parody Erotic Paranormal Stories) Tabatha Houston Author

Supernatural Erotica Boxed Set Collection (Parody Erotic Paranormal Stories) Tabatha Houston Author
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Genre: Pulp Fantasy Erotica / Parody Sex StoriesMeet a freaky tiki in the mood for some threesome loving in Hawaii, werewolf-vampire Edward Monster and a ‘ugly’, busty blonde, and a newly freed Canadian weremoose ready to show his appreciation to his rescuer.This 22,000+ word Pulp Erotica bundle set and steamy love affair to parody sex stories includes: Taken By The TikiEdward Monster - Shifter HeatTaken By The WeremooseTaken By The TikiJessica doesn’t believe in Hawaiian magic. Much to her and her bi-curious friend Stacy’s surprise, a real life freaky tiki wakes up on the Forbidden Island!It’s horny, fully functional and ready for some hot lovin’.Edward Monster - Shifter HeatAs the ‘ugly’ one in the family, Mary has always felt a little insecure, an issue that was only enforced when she went away to college and everyone there kept staring at her. The men, boys really, at her school were an unattractive lot with not a single vampire, werewolf or real monster among them!Thankfully, Mary is going home where the house is dark, the shelves are dusty and the people normal. Though her Aunt and Uncle have returned to the Old Country, her non-blood related cousin, Little Edward Monster, is still roaming the house…. Except Edward isn’t so little anymore. The silver fanged man has fully grown into his Monster blood and the tempting package may prove too much for Mary to resist.Taken By The WeremooseRescued from a car accident by a moose on the loose, Jennifer’s surprised her rescuer isn’t an ordinary animal but a weremoose. Cursed for the greatest of Canadian sins (besides hating hockey), Brandon was forced to remain a moose until he learned to be polite. Now able to switch to his human form after decades of celibacy, he is ready to make up for lost time.After seeing the rugged muscled lumberjack, Jennifer is eager to show appreciation to her weremoose rescuer. Anything else would be impolite and that’s not very Canadian.Note: These are full-length, standalone stories. No cliffhangers.

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