Sweet Seduction & Billionaire Erotica Romance & Wall Street Romance K. W. Middleton Author

Sweet Seduction & Billionaire Erotica Romance & Wall Street Romance K. W. Middleton Author
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Red Hot New Sweet Seduction & Billionaire Erotica Romance & Wall Street Romance Release! - 3 In 1 Box SetBook 1:The Academy Girl’s Drop Of Doubt - Volume 1 (Wall Street Billionaire Saga)He’s handsome, powerful, manipulative & richer than a Millionaire & sweet seduction is his thing. In business he has an insatiable appetite for debauchery, he applies questionable methods that he calls the ultimate straight line of empowered closing & he is powered by a fateful & fatal mindset of a Wall Street Master closer who makes life happen in pure luxury, excess & seduction. He’s got it all. He is the Wall Street Billionaire! He runs his stock brokering firm based on his masterful philosophy of fake it until you make it! He is the master of turning microcap investing into a notrious wicked and more than lucrative game with the devil guaranteeing him and his gangster mob stock brokers obscene amounts of money and keeping him and his team not only on the legal side of the law…As he goes on spying on the beautiful stranger he simultaneously draws up his plan for the stranger’s future because feelings like rejection are just not an option for him. In mere seconds he has as plan that would change her and his future forever…He knows that he needs her commitment and he is willing to do everything to earn her trust even if he has to force her to trust him and even if sweet seduction is not enough anymore because when you are fighting a past that seems to know all your secrets, there will come a day where fair game is no longer an option… All the Wall Street Billionaire knows is that He Would Have Her!…Book 2: Hues Of Lust - Lustful Holiday Moments SeriesYou can get stated reading these bbw romance & lustul bbw erotic holiday stories right now… Inside you’ll find a collection of Valentine sweet seduction erotica holiday romance stories! Make sure to get your copy today and claim even more hot & sizzling sweet seduction moments as a bonus inside…Book 3:Love Is Like You (Love Poem A Day Book)Includes 24 rhyming Love Poems from A to Z to celebrate the power of love!

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