Tales from The Compound: Collection One H. K. Kiting Author

Tales from The Compound: Collection One H. K. Kiting Author
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Master Aries holds dominion over The Compound, an all-male brothel thirty minutes from Las Vegas, where a gay man can have nearly any fantasy fulfilled. Here he recounts six short tales of the visits by his clients. Some like things vanilla, and some like them extremely kinky. No man leaves unsatisfied…Nate thinks he might be into nooseplay, but he’s never been able to connect with someone able to explore his desire. The Master will give him everything that he’s looking for and more.Jason longs to be bullied and dominated. Luckily the Master knows just how to proceed. With sex laced with just a little fear, Jason will get very dirty while getting clean.Jacob role-plays a peasant from the village, hauled before his monarch to serve him. The poor peasant isn’t sure if he likes or regrets the attention, and he’s made to wonder if the king’s voracious appetite will be the end of him.Master Aries goes by his alias “Aaron” and meets Randy for dinner at a simulated restaurant within The Compound. Aaron only has a basic idea of the role-play that Randy has in mind, and just goes along as things unfold. Once the meal is served, the action starts under the table and gets wilder from there.Victor is holed up in one of the real/staged areas of The Compound as a criminal in hiding. Role-playing as a gangster, the Master pushes his way in with his sidekicks Kemper and Sullivan. The trio is there to lean on Victor hard. With an oversized bathtub already there, and a generous amount of rope in hand, the three men teach Victor a lesson he won’t soon forget. If they let him survive, that is.Johnny is tied up in the sauna, baking in the heat. Master Aaron pays him a sweaty visit with a squeeze bottle of honey. It’s a hot scene, and hopefully not too hot for Johnny before things reach a climax.These short gay erotica tales contain a kinky mix of role-play, peril play, bondage, food play, sex, domination, breath control, strangulation, drowning peril, and fun.