Temptations: 10 Erotica Short Stories Ava Sterling Author

Temptations: 10 Erotica Short Stories Ava Sterling Author
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This naughty collection of 10 erotica stories will satisfy your craving. This bundle has it all, from billionaires to cougars. Want to read about a seductive babysitter or a dominant, lesbian professor? Then go no further. It’s all right here. You receive 5 FREE erotica stories in this bundle. Ten for the price of five. Cancel your plans tonight and begin this erotica collection of 46,000 words.Here are the titles included:The Billionaire’s New ToyClaire wants to land the sale of the year, supplying all bedding materials for one of the largest luxury hotel chains in the country. The only thing standing in her way…is Connor Brenton. At the sales appointment, it will be decided who gets what they want first. Bedding the BabysitterWhen not at college, Jenna has babysat Shane’s only child on and off for years. She’s always wanted Shane but too shy to do anything about it. Tonight, that’s going to change. If he won’t make the first move, she will.Teacher Takes ChargeFrom the moment Cait said she wanted to be Alyssa’s teacher’s assistant, Alyssa knew she’d be trouble. It’s not that she’s a bad TA; it’s just that she’s too…perfect. It’s not long before Alyssa wants to ruffle up all that perfection-in the way of bending her over her desk and teaching her a lesson.The Cougar and the Boy Next DoorNewly single and thirty-six years old, Joanna is starting over romantically. She kicked her husband, and all his possessions, to the curb. Deciding to remake her life, Joanna goes for the full makeover: clothes, hairstyle, and social reputation. The one thing she didn’t plan for was meeting the college-aged boy next door.On Her Knees: A Lesbian BDSM StoryLaurie hasn’t been Mistress’s submissive very long, but she’s already learning quickly how to obey, kneel, and behave. In fact, she’s behaved so well, Mistress is taking her to a fancy dinner party-of course wearing a skimpy dress. The only complication is the tiny vibrator Mistress smuggles in, which makes Laurie both excited and nervous.Strip For MePenelope has never watched anyone strip on webcam before. Hell, she’s never stripped herself. But there’s something about the cam boy on a website she recently found that makes her want to. She’s not normally like this, but for some reason she wants to behave in ways she’s not supposed to.Seducing My TherapistEver since her mother found her stash of toys, she’s made to go to a therapist to cure her ailment. The sessions take a different turn when Veronica discovers that her therapist, Dr. Patterson, is quite attractive. It would be the ultimate middle finger to her mother to seduce the very therapist she set up for her. Veronica can try, but the question is, will it work?Coffee Shop Quickie: A Lesbian StoryMarianne hates her job at the coffee house. Not just because of how boring it is, but because her boss, Helen, expects things beyond normal job duties. Things of a more physical nature. Because of an accident, Marianne had to make it up to Helen in the privacy of her back office. She thought nothing can go right that day until a nurse comes in for coffee…and turns Marianne’s world upside down.Two For One: A Threesome M/F/M StoryTwo is always better than one. That’s what they say. And honestly, it’s true. Angela hasn’t seen her old friend Jake in a year. When she finally sees him again, he looks much different than he did before. Not only did he bulk up, but an equally hunky man introduces himself as Jake’s roommate. This visit could get interesting. Angela promises herself that she’ll be good, but she’s said that before.Sharing My WifeTim and Briana felt secure enough in their marriage to welcome another man to their bed. Briana thought it was a one-time thing, but Tim has another ideas. Ever since then, Tim has been thinking about the next time he can pair the two together.(These explicit stories are intended for adult readers only)

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