Tentacle Erotica Three Pack Cindel Sabante Author

Tentacle Erotica Three Pack Cindel Sabante Author
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Tentacle Erotica Three Pack includes three erotic tentacle stories at a discounted price! All stories feature an abducted and reluctant young woman who experiences true pleasure at the whims of multiple horny tentacles. Stories may include scenes of dubious consent, bondage, anal play, breeding and a multitude of pleasure giving tentacles!See the expanded descriptions below for more information.Taken by the SeaWhile on vacation in Europe, Marina goes for a dip in the Mediterranean. But while she is floating past the waves, something pulls her down into the deep. She finds herself captive to a race of sea creatures intent on breeding her! But when Marina is paired off with a Merman named Andreas, she can’t stop her cravings for his eight sexy tentacles inside of her. Will she submit and let Andreas breed her under the sea?This ~5,700 word story contains light bondage, body modification, underwater sex, tentacle sex, breeding, and a couple of kinky starfish!The HatcheryJessica was just a normal college sophomore until she began to have the same reoccurring nightmare every time she fell asleep. As the nightmares worsen, Jessica begins to lose her hold on sanity, and doesn’t think it can get any worse. She couldn’t be more wrong. She is abducted in the night by an unknown entity that seems to have only one mission, to breed with Earth women at any cost. Can Jessica escape her fate, or will she be trapped by her captor forever?The Hatchery is an erotic short story involving kidnapping, reluctant tentacle sex, alien cross breeding, an outer space master/slave relationship and an ending you won’t forget.Kidnapped by the KrakenAfter taking a dip to escape the heat of a quiet Mediterranean beach, Melina finds herself taken away by a creature from the deep. But everything isn’t as it seems as she floats in the ocean, with only the tentacled monster as a companion. She begins to have strange thoughts at the urging of the monster, and when her dreams turn to sex, she can’t help but invite it’s tentacled touch on her body!This ~4,700 word story contains scenes which include bondage, anal play, horny tentacles and vivid dreams that may shatter reality.

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