The Alpha Male Erotica Collection Vol. 1 Sophie Sin Author

The Alpha Male Erotica Collection Vol. 1 Sophie Sin Author
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The ultimate alpha male exists and his name is Rick Rangers. Rick is a man of old in a new world of violence, sex and mayhem. This alpha male is a pimp, a scoundrel and so much more. Rick is the kind of hunk that women find irresistible. He picks fights, chases women insensately and, in the end, gives it his all in everything he does. Rick is everything a man should be: Tradition meets new world pimp. This is the ultimate alpha male erotica collection!The Alpha Male Erotica Collection (Vol. 1) contains the following four short stories:Short Story #1: ‘The Alpha Male: No Ordinary Gentleman’Rick Rangers stalks into the club - a wild panther on the prowl. In front of him a raven haired beauty is posed with a leather strap on high and a blond ready to receive below. Things quickly get out of hand and he takes control of the situation. However, Rick wants more than just to save the blond. His eyes run over the dominatrix. He will have her too. Rick Rogers is no ordinary gentleman.Short Story #2: ‘The Alpha Male: Doing It Rough’A youthful socialite comes under the care of the ever-valiant Rick Rangers. Smokingly seductive yet hopelessly committed to a husband with ulterior motives, this woman is a woman in need and, of course, who better to play white knight than a pimp? Mobsters, kidnappers and the Black Champion clamor to do their worst with only one man standing between her and hurt. Rick Rangers protects with love.Short Story #3: ‘The Alpha Male: Reliable Hunk’Rick’s girls are in danger and he must hunt down and stop a vicious madman named The Slasher who has been threatening them before the worst happens. With so much on the line, Rick will have to use all of his street smarts to defeat this wicked opponent and in the process gain the everlasting affection of the sexy women he protects as a reward for his efforts.Short Story #4: ‘The Alpha Male: Final Seduction’Rick finds himself the target of his greatest rival The Black Champion. With events transpiring to push Rick right to his limits, he must enlist The Vixen - the queen of the ladies of the night - to end his rival’s vigorous push to take all of Rick’s territory or face the consequences of failure. This is Rick Ranger’s final seduction.

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