The Collector's Treasure A. Payne Author

The Collector's Treasure A. Payne Author
Categories: Writer, J R Ward
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Scottish wizard Griffin MacNeil has dedicated his life to seeking magical treasure, but his luck runs dry when a demonic cult sets their sights on him. When it seems his life can’t get any more complicated, an unexpected encounter with his first love adds fuel to the proverbial fire. Aisling Kavanagh is more than a healer, she’s a half-fae with a knack for lifting devilish curses. When she crosses paths with her childhood crush, a dangerously sexy attraction reignites between her and Griffin. But if she wants him, she’ll have to battle for more than his heart-she’ll have to fight for his very soul. If you enjoy suspenseful stories with wizards and otherworldly creatures, then you’ll fall in love with this mash-up of urban fantasy and paranormal romance. Discover what happens when sorcerers and demons collide in an action-filled romance readers are comparing to Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files with the sizzle of J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood.