The Football Jock Executive (Dirtyhunk Gay Erotica) Brian West Author

The Football Jock Executive (Dirtyhunk Gay Erotica) Brian West Author
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NFL legend Austin Phillips is leaving pro football behind for the boardroom! Recently retired, he has taken a VP position with a tech start-up that he partly owns. While boardrooms and dealing with documents are a far cry from the excitement and glamor of playing in the NFL, Austin has no issue with the change for a sexy hunk down in operations has captured his interest. The hunk’s name is Marc and Austin cannot get his boyishly handsome face out of his head!Cocky straight guy Marc has always loathed his job but all that changes when Austin Phillips joins the company. Once Marc learns that the football legend has become his new boss, he cannot believe his luck! Being a major fan of ‘all things football,’ Marc and Austin immediately hit it off. But soon, the casual banter leads to casual flirting, which leaves Marc with plenty to think about. He has always been a fan of Austin’s but Marc wonders if he can truly mess around with another dude. But then again… There is a first time for everything!WARNING: Adult Content. Reader discretion is advised.