The Green Bush Erotica Collection Volume 23 Elliot Silvestri Author

The Green Bush Erotica Collection Volume 23 Elliot Silvestri Author
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There’s nothing special about twenty three…unless it involves Green Bush Publishing. Collected here are two works each from Elliot Silvestri and Grace Vilmont. Strange, weird, and kinky: GBP’s authors have a little something for everyone in this collection of bleeding edge erotica: Centaur’s Wife; Rowan; My Wife, My Slave; and The Devil’s Kiss all make things more than a little kinky. Total length is 64,000 words. This collection is intended for adult audiences.Content warning: features graphic sex, sex between human and non-human characters, sex between a centaur and a human, fantasy monster sex, BDSM and other unusual sex practices, dominant females, submissive females, dominant male-submissive female relationships, forced body modification, lesbian sex, gay sex, erotic torment, anal sex, sex magic, impregnation, cheating spouses, slave play, erotic situations not all members of the public will enjoy, and other depictions of adult sexuality. Explicit language and adult only content.Centaur’s WifeAfter Lianna is taken by Proval, her centaur lover, back to his herd and away from the life of sexual slavery, she learns to be the good wife of a centaur. It wasn’t a life she had ever imagined and finds it much more difficult than being a simple sex slave in the dungeon of a duke, but it is also much more rewarding, not just with the physical affection shown by the centaurs but what else also happens to her body…RowanReturn to a time of experimental sci fi erotica. Sick, twisted, experimental.A hundred years in the future Brent and Dana buy a willing and custom made slave for their sexual amusement. They spared no expense in finding Rowan, the right slave for their needs. But even a beautiful, custom ordered slave isn’t the solution to all their problems. Dana is too much of a sadist and Brent is too much of a playboy for a slave to fix anything. Rowan, however, can certainly help them be who they want to be…My Wife, My SlaveMy wife came to me with a strange admission that she wanted to be my slave. She had always been a submissive in bed, but this was a new, strange development in our lives. After taking control of her life and body we found another couple that was the same stripe as us. What followed was an adventure my wife never could have dreamed up.The Devil’s KissDunwich, Massachusetts, 1723Obedience Barebone easily seduces Tace Hynde into the sinful act of devil worship because Tace has no interest in traditional Puritan Christianity. Tace finds worshipping at the clawed feet of a devil and easier and more fulfilling act of ecstasy than sitting in a church pew. Neither woman knows what acts of depravity that Tace and Obedience will perform, but they perform them all willingly for their unholy master.

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