The Medical Erotica Collection Joan Russell Author

The Medical Erotica Collection Joan Russell Author
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Monologues, The Randy OBGYN: Cecelia’s Wild Pelvic Exam and Vicky’s Wild Pelvic Exam - by Joan Russell. 20,847 Words. Medical Erotica. The Viagra Monologues: When William Shackley overdosed on Viagra and found himself with an erection that would not quit, the nurses in the ER were absolutely delighted to help him out with his little problem. Cecelia’s Wild Pelvic Exam: When Cecelia Hamilton made an appointment with the new OBGYN, She did not understand the question, “Do you want a full exam,” but she said yes anyway. Within moments she discovered that a full exam meant making love in ways she had never before experienced. Vicky’s Awesome Internal Exam is the second in the Randy OBGYN series. Cecelia Hamilton, worried that her daughter will never know the pleasures of great sex, introduces Vicky to the new OBGYN with exactly the results she had hoped for.SAMPLEWilliam Shackley was the name on the chart. “Erection” has his stated problem. Sabrina Cox, the tall blond head nurse on the graveyard shift in the ER, who had a cynical look in her eye that betrayed her years of experience, sized him up and wondered what the hell that meant. Her eyes traveled to the area of his betraying bulge and saw that he was holding a folded jacket low - hiding it from the world.“Exactly what seems to be the problem?” she asked in her most professionally, neutral voice as she attached the pulse and blood pressure machine to his arm and forefinger and switched it on. His pulse was racing and his blood pressure was surprisingly high. She noticed that his face was beet red and covered with a light sheen of sweat and wondered what the hell was going on. The sweat and the pulse might suggest shock; the elevated blood pressure and his red face contradicted that idea all together.“I took Viagra,” he stammered, blushing even redder, down to the roots of his very attractive salt and pepper hair. He spoke the sentence as if the words in and of themselves should be enough of an explanation. “Actually I took three.““Did they work?” she asked thinking that the directions for Viagra plainly stated take only one in a 24 hour period. She wondered if he had an underlying heart condition which might explain the rapid heart beat, although she wasn’t detecting any abnormal rhythms - at the rate his heart was beating he might develop them at any moment. “It hasn’t stopped working,” he stammered, blushing again.“How long ago did you take them?” she asked sharpening her focus.“Five hours,” he said, his face flaming. “Did you take them all at the same time?““Yes,” he said, lowering his jacket.Sabrina’s eyes flew to his crotch where the betraying bulge was standing out like a battering ram tenting his pants so they formed deep ripples like an eroded volcano. She thought for a minute contemplating everything she knew about Viagra.“My date couldn’t take any more, but I couldn’t stop. It doesn’t feel good to stop,” he said, lowering his own eyes as if he couldn’t look at her. It might have helped him if Sabrina hadn’t been so outrageously beautiful. His cock was throbbing and she had a figure like a goddess. “She dropped me off here. I don’t think I’m ever going to see her again.” He sounded pitiful.“Follow me,” Sabrina said in a voice of authority. In a matter of seconds she had thought the whole thing through and come to a decision.

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