The Persuader - Lesbian Erotica/Paranormal Erotica Parker Heimann Author

The Persuader - Lesbian Erotica/Paranormal Erotica Parker Heimann Author
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The Persuader is a Lesbian Erotica/Paranormal Erotica short story - F/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Their minds say no, but will say yes after a while. Meet the persuader – a crazy and weird lady who will convince other women that it’s fine to slip into a pool, go to bed, find something a little more comfortable… all until they find themselves deeper in the pit of desire than they ever expected. She seems innocent enough, though a bit weird… but there’s more to the surface than what meets the eye. For years she has been an enigma. No one quite knows what she does to earn the money that keeps up her luxurious mansion. No one knows what she pays her beautiful servants. Each woman in her employ is as tight-lipped as she is. She keeps to herself, and no one can even say how old she really is. Whoever this mystery woman truly is, she has managed to create quite a fine life for herself and for those around her. No one seems to be complaining.ExcerptThe devil could feel himself ensnared in the woman’s charms. Still, he could not get away from this and he knew it. It all felt so good and he trusted the woman. “What do I have to do in order to enjoy these pleasures?”“Well, you must sleep with my servants, whenever you want – under my supervision and guidance, of course. Oh, and you must also allow me to live forever and do as I please forever, remaining in the same sound physical state as I have been. Then you and I can have as much fun as we would like.”“I do not have the authority to change your contract.”“Oh, but of course you do.” Margaret snickered. “You have all the power. You’re the big, bad devil.” She rubbed a finger on the devil’s chest.“Yes… yes, I am.” He couldn’t help but grin. “I’m sure I can get my boss to see it this way as well.”“Shall you partake in some of my sweets now?” Margaret asked.“Well, well yes. Where are they?” The devil looked at the door.Margaret grabbed the devil’s chin and turned him towards her. “No, no, no… in order to get anyone else, you must go through me first.”The devil’s eyes widened. “You? But you’re… you’re so old.”The woman’s eyes flashed.“Well… not that old,” the devil reasoned.“Of course not, baby.” The woman tickled the demon’s chin as she pulled him over with her towards the bed. She could already see his charcoaled cock throbbing on his body that was so dead to the touch. For a little fellow, the evil demon seemed to be packing a lot in weight and length. “Allow me to break you in.”

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