The Prodigy Slave, Book One: Journey to Winter Garden (EROTICA Edition) Londyn Skye Author

The Prodigy Slave, Book One: Journey to Winter Garden (EROTICA Edition) Londyn Skye Author
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NOTE: This is the EROTICA edition of this book! It is sexually explicit! However, the NON-erotica edition is also available here on Amazon. If you prefer the NON-erotica edition please copy and paste the following into the Amazon search menu: The Prodigy Slave, Book One: Journey to Winter Garden (NON-Erotica Edition)WARNING! Please be also be advised that this ENTIRE series features the following material that some readers may find disturbing, inappropriate, or triggering: Extreme profanity, racial slurs, graphically described violence, sexual misconduct, master/slave intimate relationships, and violent mistreatment of slaves. READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!BOOK ONE SYNOPSIS:At the age of nine, Lily is forcefully torn from her mother’s arms and sold at a Negro auction by her master, a man who Lily learns that day is her very own father. Seeking solace from such devastation, Lily secretly begins teaching herself to play her new master’s piano: an instrument that she is forbidden from touching. Lily becomes an extraordinary pianist and gets away with secretly playing for fourteen years until the master’s son, James, discovers her deceit. The punishment that James gives Lily starts her on an unprecedented journey that dramatically alters her life and influences the lives of thousands, including a man with great power. Lily’s groundbreaking journey also unveils the secret altruistic love of a particular man who has been forbidden from expressing his love to her for years. But the question remains whether or not the strength of his love will be powerful enough to free Lily from the shackles of slavery and protect her dreams and her life while on her turbulent Journey to Winter Garden.MESSAGE TO POTENTIAL READERS:This book series is recommended for those who are seeking a very raw, real, deeply emotional, and cerebral story. It is a very long continuous turbulent saga and is, therefore, NOT recommended for those who are seeking a storyline with instant gratification. It is also not recommended for those seeking escapism that only consists of joyous moments.AMAZON REVIEW5 stars: A must readThis is not a frivolous story of a slave falling in love with her master, it’s definitely not a case of Stockholm syndrome. It is the story of a love that began as innocently as children where color barriers and slavery haven’t distorted their world yet.-Dona B.

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