The Program Stephen Charles Mottram Author

The Program Stephen Charles Mottram Author
Categories: Books, Dark Erotica
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Shane Courtney is a fraudster who takes his philosophies straight from Hitler’s infamous autobiography, Mein Kampf. He is aided by his foster brother, Simon, and police inspector Tom Harris. His money-making schemes include a BDSM club rife with human trafficking, a hidden retreat for fugitive female psychopaths, and a wormhole in the Australian bush, where unsuspecting American religious fanatics can view iconic events, such as the birth and crucifixion of Christ and the burning at the stake of Joan of Arc. But things are about to change. Investigative journalist Jennifer Best, acting on a tip from an informant, submits herself to be taken, accepting an education program. And now Shane Courtney has a new scheme—make Jennifer fall in love with him, his aim to gain complete control of her. Warning: This book is considered Dark Erotica. In keeping with this genre, the book contains lurid sexual scenes that may be disturbing to some readers.

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