The Rough Anal Sex Collection (Twenty Rough Anal Sex Erotica Stories) Naughty Daydreams Press Author

The Rough Anal Sex Collection (Twenty Rough Anal Sex Erotica Stories) Naughty Daydreams Press Author
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Rough anal sex is scorching. Anal sex all by itself is sexy as hell, and when Naughty Daydreams Press has authors make it rough, it just gets hotter! In this mega collection of twenty erotica stories, you’ll find a bunch of manhandled beauties having their backdoors busted wide open. There’s plenty of ecstasy in these stories, but a whole lot of it comes after tears! Don’t miss out on the rough and reluctant fun. Download this red hot collection today.1. THE BACKDOOR’S OPEN: An Anal Group Sex with Neighbors Erotica Story by D.P. Backhaus2. TAKEN BY TWOS (A Two Girl Reluctant Gangbang Short) by Jane Kemp3. THE NEIGHBOOR GIRL NEXT DOOR: A Rough First Anal Sex Short by Julie Bosso4. BENT: A Very Rough and Reluctant Gangbang Erotic Short by Veronica Halstead5. TEST DRIVE MY BACK DOOR: A Very Rough First Anal Sex Bondage Fantasy Erotica Story by Tracy Bond6. SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEW: Very Rough Anal Sex on My Honeymoon by Stacy Reinhardt7. THE DANCER WANTS THE BRIDE’S ASS: A First Anal Sex Erotica Story by D.P. Backhaus8. FOUR CHEEKS (A First Anal Sex Threesome Erotica Story) by Debbie Brownstone9. THE BACKDOOR SEX CLUB: An Anal Sex Club Erotica Story by Erika Hardwick10. TWO COCKS FOR MY WIFE’S THREE HOLES (My Wife’s Secret Desires Episode No. 5) by Jane Kemp11. DOUBLE TROUBLE: A Rough and Reluctant Two Girl Gangbang Short by Veronica Halstead12. CONTROLLING THE KITTY: A Cosplay BDSM Erotica Story by Tracy Bond13. YOU’LL WISH I REALLY DID HAVE AN AFFAIR! An Extremely Rough First Anal Sex Short by Stacy Reinhardt14. THE STRANGER LIKES IT ROUGH: A First Anal Sex Erotica Story by D.P. Backhaus15. THE FACEBOOK SLUT: Blackmailed Into First Anal Sex For The Job by Jane Kemp16. NOT THE SAME OLD THREESOME (The Lawyer’s Secretary) (Episode No. 4) by Jessica Crocker17. GANG BANGED AT THE OFFICE: An Office Anal Gangbang Sex Short by Julie Bosso18. TURBULANCE: A Very Rough and Reluctant Stewardess Gangbang by Veronica Halstead19. MIRANDA SUBMITS TO THE MILLIONARES: A Bondage and Domination Erotica Story by Tracy Bond20. CHINESE FINGER TRAP: A Very, Very Rough First Anal Sex Asian Sex Short by Stacy ReinhardtWarning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various rough anal sex encounters. It includes rough first anal sex, rough group anal sex, rough anal sex double penetration, rough anal stranger sex, blackmail sex, wedding sex, and rough anal gangbang sex. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.Rough anal sex in a massive collection that is just bent over and waiting for you to blast it open, so click and download right away!

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