The Rover Series- Books 1-5 Amelia Shaw Author

The Rover Series- Books 1-5 Amelia Shaw Author
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A pixie sized bounty hunter. A sexy Fae prince. A world of secrets.Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and J. R. Ward will devour this Slow Burn Romantic Urban Fantasy series.★★★★★ Great story, interesting twists, amazing characters. Strong female lead. Can’t wait for the next book. Must read for fantasy readers.★★★★★ Zoey’s petite but goes off like a grenade. Ms. Shaw references Frida Kahlo’s quote which describes Zoey perfectly. Her snark breaks the ice in intense situations be it the action or emotional. The action is nonstop throughout, and characters are engaging. It’s definitely a page turner and will keep readers on edge. It does end with a cliffhanger but brings on more questions as to the twin fae connection. A unique new series filled with action and drama worth reading.★★★★★ This is an urban fantasy story. The story is well written and easy to read with a well developed setting and fascinating characters. I loved how this one started out and it just got better as it went along. It helped a lot that I liked both our hero and heroine. That and the fast paced plot really made the story flow. Overall, an excellent story and I look forward to seeing these characters again.Boxset includes the complete collection of Zoey and Fin’s story:- Bounty Hunter- Hired Hunter- Revenge Hunter- Magic Hunter- Black Mage Hunter