The Sitter's Hand *a Spanking F M Erotica Fantasy* Tina Tirrell Author

The Sitter's Hand *a Spanking F M Erotica Fantasy* Tina Tirrell Author
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~ Unexpected Pain and Pleasure Meet in the Palm of a Stranger’s Hand ~Miss Nancy, the new babysitter, has arrived, and this young man is much too old to be watched, scrutinized, or given hard rules for an entire week. The last thing he could possibly expect is to be bent over her knee. Day after day, he tries to obey, tries to please, but finds himself in a new situation demanding his surrender and submission, even that of his visiting friend Rebecca. This is the week that will set the erotic tone for the rest of his life, whether he’s ready or not.He’ll never know if Miss Nancy herself planned the progression of his training or if she even anticipated the inevitable result culminating just as his parents return.~ Her OTK Spanking Discipline ~ His First Sexual Encounter ~ Their Erotic Spanking Stories Confessed ~~~~~~This gripping novelette among erotic spanking stories brings all of your favorite spanking f m erotica themes to life for you to experience intimately: otk spanking, women spanking men, older women younger men, first sexual encounter, femdom spanking stories.Adult Erotica Warning:This book contains adult sex situations infused with explicit erotic sex scenes in explicit detail and graphic sex and language and is intended for mature adult audiences only. All characters are fictionally created and all engaged in sexual fantasy situations and activities are mutually consenting and 18 years of age or older.About the Author~ Tina Tirrell Knows Fetish, and She’s Not Afraid to Write the Forbidden ~Tina Tirrell’s writing is unique among all erotica authors in its drenching intensity, true-to-life detail, driving pace that picks up your pulse at every peak moment (ensuring your gratification, repeatedly, while reading), and even a touch of erotic comedy that you’re guaranteed to grow addicted to. Tina’s passion for each theme she personally delves into and every erotic taste she caters to is evident in her believable characters and genuine story progression. Her readers come away content, spent, and breathless for more, as if they’ve just enjoyed a new, intimate encounter all their own.

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