The Ultimate Erotica Collection Mia DuBois Author

The Ultimate Erotica Collection Mia DuBois Author
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Introducing the longest erotica bundle yet by Mia DuBois. This bundle includes some of Ms. DuBois betselling series such as Taken By Were Wolves, Taken By Plants, and The Billionaire’s Vampire. Taken by Werewolves: When young college student Kara goes camping out in the woods, she recalls her friend’s back in the city reluctance in her going alone.Like her friends predicted, trouble had found her. Awakened by the breath of a mysterious stranger, she gives into fantasy’s she wouldn’t dare think of in a waking moment, including being dominated, using no protection. After all, what’s the harm in not using a condom with this man in her tent? It is all a dream, right? StepSiblings: When Kate and Stephan’s parents pass away in a tragic accident, they are drawn into each others arms for comfort. What the siblings don’t realize is that they have been fantasizing about each other for years. Having always had a thing for her elder brother, she is tired of waiting, and is ready to be dominated.

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