The Very Rough Erotica Collection (Twenty Hardcore Erotica Stories) Naughty Daydreams Press Author

The Very Rough Erotica Collection (Twenty Hardcore Erotica Stories) Naughty Daydreams Press Author
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Rough sex is hot as hell, and when the authors at Naughty Daydreams Press start writing about rough sex, hell gets hotter! If you want group sex that’s rough and reluctant you want this collection. You want rough doctor/patient sex? You want rough office sex? Rough slut wife sex? Rough first anal sex? Fire up your e-reader and download this collection because within there’s rough sex for everyone’s tastes!1. BENT OVER THE BOSS’ DESK (A Very Rough First Anal Sex Short) by Julie Bosso2. THOROUGH EXAMINATION: DOUBLE TEAMED BY MY DOCTORS (A Double Penetration Doctor/Patient Sex Erotica Story) by Nancy Brockton3. THAI’D DOWN (A Very Rough Asian Sex Short with Reluctant Anal Sex) by Stacy Reinhardt4. DOMINATED BY A STRANGER (A Reluctant Sex BDSM Erotica Story) by Tracy Bond5. TONGUE DEPRESSOR (A Very Rough Doctor Patient Erotica Short) by Veronica Halstead6. TAKEN AGAINST MY WILL BY MY HUSBAND’S MECHANIC (My Wife’s Secret Desires – Episode No. 7) by Jane Kemp7. TOPLESS ON THE BEACH (A Rough MFF Threesome Sex Short) by Julie Bosso8. TAKEN AT THE DOCTOR’S OFFICE (A Reluctant Threesome Doctor/Patient Sex Short) by Nancy Brockton9. PLOWED AT THE RANCH (A Very Rough Cowgirl Sex in Public Short) by Stacy Reinhardt10. KIDNAPPED AND HOGTIED (A Rough Bondage Sex Short) by Tracy Bond11. TAKE YOUR MEDICINE (A Rough and Reluctant Doctor/Patient Sex Short) by Veronica Halstead12. LAURA LED TO THE EDGE (The Lawyer’s Mistress – Episode Five) by Jessica Crocker13. DON’T FUCK YOUR SECRETARY OR WE’LL FUCK YOU! (A Blackmail Sex Erotica Story) by Jane Kemp14. SEX IN THE NEIGHBOR’S MAN CAVE (An Interracial Sex Erotic Short) by Julie Bosso15. DOUBLE TEAMED ON MY HONEYMOON (A First Anal Sex MMF Threesome Erotica Story) by Nancy Brockton16. KOREAN POKER (A Very Rough Asian Sex Gangbang Short) by Stacy Reinhardt17. YOU’RE DOING ME RIGHT NOW (A Rough First Anal Sex Short) by Julie Bosso18. THE ADVENTURER GETS BANGED (A Bondage Cosplay Erotica Story) by Samantha Sampson19. TAKEN COMPLETELY BY JACK AND SARAH (A Very Rough FFM Threesome Erotica Story) by Tracy Bond20. YOU’RE DOING WHATEVER I WANT (A Rough Anal Gangbang Sex with Neighbors Short) by Julie BossoWarning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various rough sex encounters. It includes rough and reluctant sex, rough first anal sex, rough first lesbian sex, rough wife share sex, rough sex with neighbors, rough sex with boss, rough group sex, rough office sex, and rough doctor/patient sex. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.Rough sex in this mega collection is just a point and click away, so get to it and then get to it!

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