Thick and Hard Hunter Shotz Author

Thick and Hard Hunter Shotz Author
Categories: Books, Gay Erotica
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In these five tales of gay erotica, Hunter Shotz brings you some of the dirtiest, sexiest stories around, trying to please your wildest fantasies while leaving you with a smile.Five stories of young men experiencing their wildest fantasies.Boy Toy: College student Jeremy is out of a job, and needs to find a way to make quick cash. He balks when a stranger offers to pay him for companionship, but he quickly reconsiders once he learns that his roommate is a male whore who is willing to show him the ropes.Submit: When Jake decides to learn jiu jitsu, he finds himself smitten with his older, wiser teacher. Dominated on the mat and seduced in the showers, Jake is putty in his master’s hands.The First Time: Adam has a crush on the football player he used to tutor. One night while out drinking, he finally gets to act on his feelings, and soon finds himself basking in his new lover’s arms.Gayhound: A bus trip turns out to be anything but boring for two young men who decide to explore each other once night falls.Teaching Him: Drake’s about to get a real education.He’s never been with a man before, but soon after starting college he finds himself powerfully attracted to one of his instructors. Gary is everything Drake wants to be- strong, smart, and sure of himself. When Gary invites Drake to stay after class, his wildest dreams finally come true.