True Tales of Erotica: Teacher's Pet (Student Teacher True Erotica) Victoria Marcum Author

True Tales of Erotica: Teacher's Pet (Student Teacher True Erotica) Victoria Marcum Author
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Put it in me. Fuck me hard.From the author that writes erotica with plot comes a true erotica tale, Teacher’s Pet. A hot, young TA retells his story of a fling with one of his college students. Inexperienced, he’s led on a crazy night with a much more in control woman, from a wild party to hours long sex at her place. The student teaches the teacher a bit more than he bargained for in this sex adventure.WARNING: This erotica short contains graphic language, a horny teacher’s assistant, cock sucking, a girl that knows what she wants and how to get it, bareback riding and three messy internal creampies. Intended for 18+ MATURE AUDIENCES only. EXCERPT: When her fondling started to get me hard again, she went down on me one last time, sucking on my cock as I ate my orange. It was strange how quickly this felt normal, like we had always been in this bed, forever fucking each other like it was our job. As she continued, I set the orange aside and enjoyed her soft lips sliding over me as she sucked my semi-limp cock in and out of her mouth. Once I was hard enough, she beat me off with her hand, licking my balls and sucking on them. My cock was soon hard again and she got back on top of me.She rubbed herself as she rode me, again with her hips rocking back and forth. I helped by rocking my own hips, driving my penis in and out of her smooth and moist interior. Her fingers ran over her clit faster and faster and she leaned her head back with her eyes closed to focus on her pleasure. I had a lot of staying power at this point considering how much I had cum in the past couple of hours and we stayed like this for at least an hour. I was surprised how strong she was to keep going, her hips swaying in a constant motion, my cock sliding in and out of her pussy for so long, never getting dry or raw.

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