Twisted as a Princess Kendra Moreno Author

Twisted as a Princess Kendra Moreno Author
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OLD POWER DEMANDS NEW SACRIFICE. . .Rapunzel has lived inside her tower for too long, but she’s never been trapped. When a strange demon comes knocking on her stone, she’s forced to leave the comfort of her home to figure out what’s going on in Grimm. Instead of the once bustling world she expects, Rapunzel finds it empty except for death, decay, and a cowardly Frog King.When The Huntsman finds Rapunzel spouting twisted declarations in the Frog King’s castle, he can feel the death that lingers on her lips. The Mad Princess gets under his skin in a way no one has before and her beauty can’t dampen the clear hostility she elicits in him. He doesn’t want anything to do with her, but he has to admit Rapunzel is an asset for the coming war even if her very presence threatens his sanity.Now, Snow White has staked her claim and Grimm will need all the help it can get. Two souls must fight who they were made to be, but to do so could destroy the very fabric of this world. It will take every power to stand against the rising threat, but one thing is certain.The Lords must rise or Grimm will fall.There is no other way. . .If you like Sarah J Maas, Gena Showalter, J.R. Ward, Laura Thalassa, or Jennifer L. Armentrout, you won’t be able to put down this highly addictive twisted fairy tale.Reading Order:The Sons of WonderlandMad as a Hatter Late as a Rabbit Feral as a CatCruel as a Queen The Daughters of NeverlandVicious as a Darling Fierce as a Tiger LilyWicked as a PixieMonstrous as a CrocThe Heirs of OzHeartless as a Tin ManEmpty as a ScarecrowCowardly as a Lion Vengeful as a BeautyThe Lords of GrimmCunning as a Trickster Bitter as a Captain Twisted as a PrincessHateful as a Sister