Under The Stars - Sensual Erotica Dakota Deece Author

Under The Stars - Sensual Erotica Dakota Deece Author
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Under The Stars is a Sensual Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Mac decides to surprise his fiancée Jeanette with a romantic getaway. However, his idea of romance is not quite the same as hers. He takes her back to the place where they first met, camping in the middle of the woods. Unfortunately, it’s now winter and their tent is somewhere under a big pile of snow in the middle of a snow-covered field. Jeanette is understandably unimpressed, especially when she has dug the tent out of the snow before they can even get inside. She does consider leaving and heading back home, but Mac manages to persuade her to stay. She helps him to retrieve the tent and then joins him inside where he has made it all cosy and warm with sleeping bags and a soft sheepskin rug. He then proceeds to remind her of why, despite the freezing cold temperature outside, camping in the woods can be so much fun.ExcerptHe kicked at the tent and some snow shifted and fanned off the other side. It was amazing to watch but, at the same time, she was angry. Angry enough to walk away. She could just hop into her car and head home. It wouldn’t be difficult at all. But although she really wanted him - she could always rely on him to wind her up, right when she didn’t expect it. “Bastard,” she hissed, then kicked the snow. He reached over and stroked her leg. She shivered, not because of the cold - instead a deep need took her. It settled in her stomach, the tingle making her clench and tighten and wiggle. He grinned, enjoying her delicious discomfort.

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