Vampire Erotica: Vampire Fantasies Volumes 1-4: Erotica Anthologies - Volume 2 Fetish Publishing Author

Vampire Erotica: Vampire Fantasies Volumes 1-4: Erotica Anthologies - Volume 2 Fetish Publishing Author
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Vampire Erotica: Vampire Fantasies Volumes 1-4 (Erotica Anthologies - Volume 2) A collection of 4 titillating vampire erotica short stories. (book excerpt 1- Blood Club: Vampire Erotica) Suddenly, Andrei bit her harder than she cared for. Ow! Andrei, not so hard! She cried in pain, as she pushed him off of her neck. Eva gasped in horror. What the….. Are you what I think you are? Holy….! You’re a vampire…oh my….a… a real vampire! Andrei pulled away from her baring a pair of huge fangs in the space where his incisors previously inhabited. Eva began to struggle against him, trying to get away from those sharp teeth that had appeared out of nowhere, her body confused by the simultaneous feelings of arousal and fear. But, Andrei was on top of her; her body strength was no match to his, and he was clearly not about to let her go. I’ve wanted you for so very long, my darling…… (book excerpt 2- Blood Therapy: Vampire Erotica) One of his shirt sleeves was slightly pushed up, revealing part of his forearm. Her eyes spied some black ink peeking out from his rolled up sleeve, and it looked…..familiar? Her mind recalling the unusual ink design she sees on….that vampire. Oh my god! Hannah thought in alarm. She dropped Stefan’s hands and gasped audibly in horror as her mind was trying to wrap itself around the frightening realization that the man standing in front of her, the one whom she told all her deepest secrets and phobias, was also the same shadowy creature who stalked her in the night. Stefan’s body suddenly vanished in a blink of an eye, and a small winged creature took flight above Hannah’s head and flew towards the doctor’s desk. Holy ….! A bat! Hannah yelled out, as she watched the winged creature land just out of sight behind the large cherry wood desk. (book excerpt 3- Blood Country: Vampire Erotica) Roman picked up two wine glasses and handed one to Viktoria. Viktoria looked inquisitively at the contents of the glasses. The drink was thick and red and appeared to be the only thing being served. She lifted the glass to her mouth; Roman watching her intently as he did the same, the contents smelled sweet and slightly metallic. Viktoria took a sip. Her mouth was instantly filled with the sickly sweet taste of blood. She looked up at Roman, his glass was still poised up to his lips, and Viktoria could see sharp fangs showing through his parted lips. Alarmed, Viktoria spun all around looking at the other guests. She saw people laughing, talking, smiling and drinking; all with fangs protruding from their mouths. Vampires! Victoria thought with a gasp, Roman is a vampire! Everyone here is a vampire! (book excerpt 4- Blood Educated: Vampire Erotica) Don’t be afraid, Adele, he practically growled. He repositioned my hands so that now he could restrain me using only one hand. His free hand he placed on my waist. Once more he moved his mouth in the direction of my neck. I squeezed my eyes shut, bracing myself for a fatal bite. Rather than sharp pain however, I felt a few frisky bites, right in a row. Then he began to suck and kiss the tender, sensitive skin along my throat. My fear quickly melted into pleasure, and soon, little moans of ecstasy were escaping past my lips, out of my control. If you enjoy kinky sex, and if you enjoy the fetish lifestyle, be sure to watch for more releases from Fetish Publishing and official website to launch fall of 2014.

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