Very Rough Sex Stories (Five Intense Erotica Stories) Naughty Daydreams Press Author

Very Rough Sex Stories (Five Intense Erotica Stories) Naughty Daydreams Press Author
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Very rough sex stories are the bestselling stories around, and here at Naughty Daydreams Press, we have some of the finest bestselling erotica authors around. Whether you’re looking for a rough anal sex gangbang or even rough cowgirl sex, this is your collection!1. YOU’RE DOING WHATEVER I WANT: A Rough Anal Gangbang sex With Neighbor Short by Julie BossoShe really wants to put a pool into her yard, but she’ll have to get her sexy neighbor Dane to sign off on it, and he’s not budging. So, she offers up her body to see if that will do the trick. It sure does, but she had no idea that she would be dealing with more than Dane! She’ll also have to please three other men at the same time, with plenty of forced deepthroat, first anal sex, and double penetration in this rough and reluctant gang bang.2. TEST DRVE MY BACKDOOR (A Very Rough First Anal Sex Bondage Fantasy Erotica Story) (Rough Bondage) by Tracy BondI wasn’t really looking forward to dealing with the car salesmen, but he sure was handsome. His southern accent was wonderful as well, so I guess if I had to deal with a salesman; he was a good choice. I never expected that the test drive would take me to his home, and I never figured that I’d be the one tried out for a spin! It was my first bondage experience, with rougher sex than I’d ever imagined, spanking, gagging, and even my first anal sex, rough as you can imagine! I couldn’t believe his brutality…and I couldn’t believe how much I loved it!3. PLOWED AT THE RANCH: A Very Rough Cowgirl Sex In Public Short by Stacy ReinhardtWhen she meets Jasper McDonald at the ranch where she works a summer job, hotheaded McKenzie ends up furious with him, and before long the two are competing with each other and the stakes are high. Whoever loses must do whatever the other wishes. Want to guess who loses? Here’s a hint…she’s the one enduring very rough forced deep throat in the barn! It’s a very rough public sex encounter as only Stacy Reinhardt can craft it.4. CAMPFIRE CRAZINESS: A Rough Anal Sex While Camping Short by Julie BossoSummer camp counselor Terese can’t believe it when her friend Valorie and her husband Grady ask her to watch them have sex outdoors by the campfire after the kids are safe in their cabin. She’s initially offended but then intrigued and she finally agrees to do it. What follows is amazing, and Terese’s hands fly over her clit at the speed of light when she sees Grady forcing his giant cock into Valorie’s throat! But that’s not all that’s in store for the little voyeur while she watches the outdoor sex session because she also gets to see her friend bent over and taking it in her tightest hole during her first anal sex experience!5. TAKEN IN THE PARK: A Reluctant Anal Pubic Sex erotica story by Jane KempTara is unhappy with her little dog. The damned thing wants to go for a walk at five-thirty in the morning, and Tara hasn’t had a lot of sleep! Reluctantly, she takes him out to do his business, but she has no idea what’s in store for her! On this walk, she’ll meet a man who wants her body, and in her half-awake weakened state she’s willing. Of course, this man wants more than what’s she’s ever given before. This man will take her tight virgin asshole, and he’s not interested in the word, “No.” Right in the park, Tara will have her first outdoor sex, a public sex experience complete with her first anal encounter!Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various rough sex stories. It includes rough first anal sex stories, rough gangbang sex stories, rough public sex stories, rough and reluctant sex stories, rough bondage sex stories, and rough stranger sex stories. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.Very rough sex stories are just a point and click away, so if you can handle it, download!

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