Wedding Night Sex Bliss (Five Bride Sex Erotica Stories) Nancy Brockton Author

Wedding Night Sex Bliss (Five Bride Sex Erotica Stories) Nancy Brockton Author
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Nancy Brockton, the queen of wedding sex erotica, presents five steamy tales of naughty slut wives who haven’t even pulled off the wedding gown before they’re stuffed with cock! There’s something for everyone in this story from first anal sex to first lesbian sex to gangbang sex!1. THE NAUGHTY BRIDE AND THE BAD BOY BEST MAN (A First Anal Sex Short)Delly couldn’t be happier to marry Paul, but when Gerard the best man has to give her a ride home from the rehearsal dinner, things take a strange turn. Before long, the two find themselves naked and overcome with desire. Gerard is a very aggressive and urgent lover. For Delly, that means a very rough bride sex encounter, complete with forced deepthroat, anal sex, and forced ass to mouth!2. MY VIRGIN BRIDE WANTS ALL THE GROOMSMEN AT ONCE! (A Wedding Night Reluctant Gangbang Erotica Story)Cassie has held back on losing her virginity for a long time. She’s saved it for her husband, and as her wedding night approaches, she’s overjoyed that she’ll be able to give herself to Donnie as the only man who’s had her pussy. Donnie is overjoyed, too. Only he has a secret. He won’t be the only one taking his virgin bride. In fact the virgin sex will come with plenty of rough anal sex, forced deepthroat, and double penetration because this bride is about to have a gangbang sex encounter!3. BRIDESMAID BLUES (A First Lesbian Sex Wedding Sex Foursome)She enjoyed her job as a wedding planner, and she prided herself on great service that was above and beyond what anyone could expect. She didn’t know that the lovely bride Miss Sterling would expect the service to be so much more than designing invitations and coordinating the bridesmaids’ dresses. In fact, Miss Sterling wants her, and it isn’t long before this wedding over-achiever is having her first lesbian sex experience, but there’s more! The maid of honor joins in with a friend and suddenly there are four of them in a wedding sex lesbian foursome extravaganza!4. HARD HONEYMOON HANDLING (A Rough and Reluctant Bride Sex Gangbang Erotica Story)It was the perfect wedding, and the lovely bride can’t even wait to get to the hotel room. In the limo, she gives her man the time of his life, and afterward he tells her he’s going to bring some other men into the wedding suite and tell them, “fuck my wife.” Of course, she thinks he’s joking, and she doesn’t think much more about it, but later she’s confronted with three cocks instead of one! Her new husband makes sure she knows that she’s a slut wife and she has her very first rough and reluctant gangbang, complete with first anal sex in the form of a vicious double penetration!5. WEDDING NIGHT WIFE SWAP (A Swinger Sex Bride Sex Erotica Story)TJ wakes up on her wedding bed with her best friend’s mouth on her pussy. She’s shocked by Monica’s presence in the honeymoon suite, but what her mouth does is incredible! Things get even weirder because Monica’s husband Mark is there along with TJ’s husband and a complete stranger! Before long, this bride is behaving like a perfect slut wife because Richard is perfectly fine telling the others, “fuck my wife” and TJ has no problem at all telling her best friend she’s willing to share her husband!

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