Well Hung Erotica Vol. 6 Sophie Sin Author

Well Hung Erotica Vol. 6 Sophie Sin Author
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Four erotica stories by Sophie Sin. Included are the story of a large boxer seducing a busty reporter who wants more than a story, two well hung men taking advantage of nerdy woman’s desire for something big, two large men making a doctor’s day, and a woman scorned who finds something huge in one man’s pants at a night club. There is something for everyone within!‘Well Hung Erotica Vol. 6’ contains:# Large Fighter (Romance)No one should be this LARGE! Busty top reporter Sarah Mane wants an interview with slim pretty boy boxer Jason Brick, but she isn’t going to get it without a fight. The large fighter is large in many ways. Who will win: The sexy street smart reporter or the man so hung it hurts just looking at it?# Double The Love (Seduction)Men can be such fiends! Meek and lonely Kimberly, scorned by her ex-boyfriend, helps handsome Edward Strike and gets a number in exchange. However, it’s not his. Needy, desperate and wanting, she sets up a date with the mysterious man, only to find that it’s a double date with no second girl. Two men, one women and a lewd lusty need. One is never enough.# Big In Both (Double Penetration)Just way two big for her! Gorgeous, sophisticated doctor Jennifer Hanson gets caught up in a wicked love triangle with a resolution that takes two. To get big black Mike back on the team, Jack Leader will do absolutely anything. However, Mike wants his piece too. Both are too huge. What’s the doc going to do?# Thicker Than Boyfriend (Seduction)Thicker than anything she has ever seen! Scorned by her loser boyfriend, Sandy Harris decides it is time to unwind. Best friend in tow, she hits the club only to meet a titan of a man with a wicked proposition and something terrifyingly huge in his pants. Can she withstand the temptation that is Mr. Big? A story for those who like a bit of girth.

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