Women's Erotica: Home Improvements Trista Jaco Author

Women's Erotica: Home Improvements Trista Jaco Author
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Home Improvements is a Women’s Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Since having a bad case of the flu, Fiona had not been feeling the best. While waiting for her best friend to arrive, she is surprised by the early arrival of Riley, the handy man. Who would have thought the Riley would fix more than her house? Both Fiona and Riley attempt to resist their instant attraction to each other. But this itself becomes a challenge, especially when they realize that the feeling is mutual.Excerpt:“I think I’d better…” he said in a strangled voice, as he seemed to recover enough to try and move out of the bathroom. Fiona had the impression that he had figured they were both in a dangerous position and one of them needed to make the move for some damage control.Certainly dangerous for them both, she mused with a lurch in her belly. Because neither one knew who was going to jump who. And because, damn it, she was ready to “rape” him if she had to. Rip off his shirt, wrench down his jeans, and suck on that massive, jean-clad cock, get it all slobbered up and then straddle it till it felt like it would come right out of her throat. Her imagination was already running wild at what such a girth and length could do to her own tight canal. She’d never had one so big and she felt her own cunt clenching and unclenching in hunger and recognition of a true pleasure-giver of a cock.“Yes,” she finally agreed, her voice throaty. “I think you’d better.”But he wasn’t moving out the door; he was moving straight for her. They collided into each other like a violent clash of cymbals, lips meeting in a fierce, magnetic kiss. Riley pushed his hand right past her robe to cup her breasts, making her moan against his lips. She, too, was just as forward, as her own hand groped down the front of his jeans as if to make sure that her eyes hadn’t deceived her.

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