Women's Erotica: Officially An Adult 1 – The Flashback Julles Munsen Author

Women's Erotica: Officially An Adult 1 – The Flashback Julles Munsen Author
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Officially An Adult 1 – The Flashback is a Women’s Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.In part 1 of this story, our main character has a flashback of some very fond memory. Emily, so keen to grow up, wants to come of age and have sex for the first time, and she wishes to do it with her dream boy, Alexander Brown. It starts of by her doing the normal morning routines, that is, taking a shower and pleasuring herself before school. In class, when she sees Alex, she begins to daydream. She remembers the date that they went on and how he could barely touch her without being awkward about it. When the next day he chose to ignore her, she lost her cool. Could Emily be able to actually have it with Alex? Or will she give up and find someone else to have her first time with?Excerpt:Emily spent an extra hour in the bath, making love to herself, and was again late for the school bus. She often gets horny in the shower, as she slowly undresses. She is always amused, as to how a touch on her breasts makes her wet, down between the thighs. She soaps her breasts and thighs, sexily, and her fingers slipped all over her wet, naked body. Her hand slowly moves down, on her flat tummy, towards the heaven all men hungered for. As the excitement mounts up, the stroking movement of her fingers gets faster. She moans out loud, as her fingers enter her love hole. She strokes and pokes with her finger, for a long time. Her breathing is uneven and her body is shaking with excitement. Although she came in the end, she is not satisfied. She needs a man, with a hard dick, to amuse her, satisfy her, and make her shout with ecstasy.

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