Women's Erotica: The Adventures of Deandre Lewis 1 - Seduction Tena Seldan Author

Women's Erotica: The Adventures of Deandre Lewis 1 - Seduction Tena Seldan Author
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The Adventures of Deandre Lewis is a Women’s Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Deandre Lewis loves women and he is the first to admit it. It doesn’t matter what race, size or what type of personality she has, Deandre can find something to love about almost any female on Earth. He sells designer women’s shoes by day, and plays the role of a hot and seductive ladies’ man by night. He knows how to keep the women begging for more and more of Deandre. He never has any intention of settling down, at least, not anytime soon. He juggles his girls and ties his very best to keep them all satisfied, and they always are! Then one day Deandre Lewis meets what may be his match when, he stumbles upon a white girl named Chloe. She brings out feelings in Deandre that he had never felt before. Will he be up for the challenge of Chloe? Deandre will keep you on your toes and turn you on at all times.Excerpt:She was enraptured and writhing her velvet body all over the bed. When I’d tickle her red clit with the end of my drenched tongue, she’d lift her hips off the bed longing for me to eat it harder and then press her cunt into my face as hard as she could. She would then rub my mouth voraciously with every inch of her box as if begging me to eat her until the sun came up.I took my time lapping up every delicious drop of her creamy cum off of her pink and pulsating lips. She tasted divine like a mixture of sweet honey and ripe peaches. She used her hands to push my head deeper into her love box that was now dripping over with the tastiest juices.

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