Women's Erotica: The Billionaire Carrice McKelvy Author

Women's Erotica: The Billionaire Carrice McKelvy Author
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The Billionaire is a Women’s Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Helena is always in control, at work, at home, and in her relationships. She thinks she can handle the new client, but she is caught by surprise when she sees that it is someone she knows. He’s not surprised; surely, he planned it that way. But why would he want to do that? What does he want from her?Steven wasn’t much to look at in school, now he’s a billionaire working with computers. He decides that while he could have anything that he wants now. There’s only one girl he wants. She offers one night; she never mixes business with pleasure. But that one night is so achingly perfect, she can’t stop thinking about him. That suits him just fine, because he wants a lifetime.Can they have everything they want? Or will they have to ignore the chemistry and electricity between them? Will they even be able to?Excerpt:She pushed open the door. “Good Morning, I’m sorry that I’m late I wasn’t expecting you to arrive so early.” She looked up, officially getting the first look at her new clients and suddenly forgot how to breathe.She hadn’t seen him since high school; he looked taller, which was strange considering he was sitting down. The suit looked expensive and something she wouldn’t have expected from him.“Steven Carter.” It wasn’t much of a hello but she hated the fact he had an unfair advantage. He obviously knew who she was before approaching the company. She, on the other hand, had been taken completely unaware. It didn’t sit well with her.

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