Women's Erotica: The Stirrings of Pleasure - Part 2 Juli Mateson Author

Women's Erotica: The Stirrings of Pleasure - Part 2 Juli Mateson Author
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The Stirrings of Pleasure – Part 2 is a Romance and Women’s Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Arya McComb has spent the last few months thinking about Ron, a guy that used to work for her father. Although they only had the one time together, she still misses him, not to mention she was as horny as hell. She ventures out to a local bar to be alone. All she wants to do is be alone while she thinks about Ron. She is tucked away concealed from view and indulges herself in memories of Ron. She hasn’t seen him in months, and she heard that he was fired because of their tryst at the estate. She has no idea what has become of him. Where was he? She is filled with unbridled sexual desires, and she grows lonely as her longing drives her closer and closer to insanity. Then, she is approached by a somewhat familiar mysterious stranger. She is delighted and excited to find that it is Ron. Will he stay with her this time?Excerpt:I looked back at the events of that fateful day when I met Ron and made wild, passionate love. I willed myself to veer away from thinking of him but it just got me frustrated. As minutes ticked by, I found myself yearning for his touch. I inserted my fingers underneath my panty and rubbed my pussy surrendering myself to the pleasure building up in my groin. I was wishing he was there to give me the exquisite feeling and fulfill my cravings. The previous days I masturbated frequently to assuage my yearnings for Ron.I was writhing and moaning as the sweetness intensified. I felt like a ball of fire, burning with my desire. Then I felt my lips being kissed so gently, I opened my eyes to the most beautiful man I ever saw. It was Ron! I was shocked at seeing him. Perhaps I was imagining things because of my desire for him? I stared at him as he looked down at me with blue eyes the color of the skies. I felt an upsurge of tender feelings, aside from the passion I had nurtured for him.

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