Women's Erotica: Veggies In Dressing Out Tena Seldan Author

Women's Erotica: Veggies In Dressing Out Tena Seldan Author
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Veggies In Dressing Out is a Fantasy and Women’s Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.She has always been a kinky woman. She readily admits this as well as the fact that she has an incredibly high sex drive. She spends some time recalling when she first discovered the amazing power of vegetables. She’s a young, but far from pure teenager when she finds herself at loose ends. Her boyfriend has broken up with her, and she is too horny to handle. She looks around the house, hoping to find a sex toy and when she can’t get her hands on one, she improvises with the first thing she can find. Thus, begins her love of cucumbers, bananas, and especially squash. She finds this unique approach to self-love especially delicious, so much so that she can’t help, but share her culinary discoveries and creations with her friends. The food only serves to fuel her fantasies. As much as she likes the real thing, she also enjoys making a salad.Excerpt:I remember it well the day when it all started, my fascination with produce. I was 17 and had just gotten accustomed to being fucked regularly, but my boyfriend suddenly broke up with me. I was horny as fuck one day and needed to put something in my wet snatch. I decided to look around the house and see if I could find something to satisfy my hungry cookie.I looked all over the house hoping to find a toy of my mom’s and stick it in my snatch, but no such luck. I guess she didn’t like sharing. Then suddenly I thought about how hot those cucumbers looked in the fridge the other night. Thinking about them got me wetter than a rainstorm. So I went to the fridge and got the ripest and stiffest looking cucumber I could find.

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