A Harmless Little Erotica Sex Amanda Blue Author

A Harmless Little Erotica Sex Amanda Blue Author
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Brand: Amanda Blue
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Warning, this title contains explicit sex and graphic terms for body parts. Adults only 18+ A Harmless Little Sex is a collection of Erotica Stories and Fantasies designed to arouse your senses, heighten your awareness and encourage a state of immense pleasure. This is a series of erotic adult stories meant to stimulate as you… Discover how these singles and couples satisfy some of their wildest sexual desires in these Harmless Little Sex Stories and Fantasies. Adults only 18+ ————————-What happens at the movie theater should be kept in the dark. Beware this story may arouse your senses to the point of…This story may get you pumped and dumped and climaxing quickly. You’ll need a towel to wipe all the wetness. You may not have another dry night after reading A Harmless Little Erotica Sex. This may give you and your partner ideas on how to turn an evening watching movies into something truly fantastic!!!

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