A Night With Enrico Cora Adel Author

A Night With Enrico Cora Adel Author
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It’s been a while since my last straight relationship, and that ended terribly. Thankfully, my fit, tanned, and gorgeous Spanish friend Enrico has always been at my side - in more ways than one. Tonight he’s taking me to the hottest new club in town - NIGHTDREAM - and awakening deep, dark, and erotic gay feelings that I never knew I had for my sexy best friend. You wont want to miss what happens next.WARNING!!! This super hot gay erotica is full to the brim with nearly 5000 words containing straight-to-gay sex, gay hookup sex, turning gay sex, blowjobs, anal sex, sweaty muscular men, and much, much more. Should only be read by those who crave sexy man on man action with every little detail made plain. So hot, it may melt your e-reader!