Accidental Vampire - Paranormal Erotica Stefan Mckinnis Author

Accidental Vampire - Paranormal Erotica Stefan Mckinnis Author
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Accidental Vampire is a Paranormal Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Barclay never believed the myths about vampires. But every year when he taught his class about Dracula at the college, the way the girls got excited was obvious. He talked to his friend John Duncan, and John promised to show his friend some secrets about vampires. That is when he learned about the cave where the bats lived. When Barclay got bit by one of the bats, he was transformed. He both desired to suck the blood of young girls and to make love to them, and he drew them to himself with his other worldly power. When he made a girl his victim, he drew blood from various areas of her body as he penetrated them. So the girl always had a tremendous orgasm. Before long he had a cult of girls who wanted more and more and more of him and his prowess. It had to stop but the only way he knew to survive was more girls.ExcerptBarclay walked briskly back to his office after class. He was pretty sure he was going to have to close the door and masturbate after seeing all that sexy thigh and barely concealed pussy in class. Before he got there, he heard giggling coming out of one of the offices. As he apparoched, he saw co-eds crowding to get in to see Professor Duncan. Barclay was a good friend with John so his curiosity was excited, especially after staring lustfully at the three gorgeous freshman girls from his literature class.When he got a peek, the college girls were all over John Duncan as he sat in his chair in his office. One was seated on his desk with her legs up on the chair so he could see right up her skirt. He was rubbing her thighs and moving his fingers up toward her pussy as a second beautiful redhead kissed his neck and pushed her hand under his shirt. Just then John spotted his friend and laughed. “Oh, hi, Barclay,” he said loudly. Quickly the girls got themselves together. John had the girls excuse themselves while he talked to his good friend.“That was quite a harem you had there Mr. Duncan,” Barclay said.“Well I have magnetism for co-eds. It is somewhat new.” John said. “These girls have good reason to want more of me,” he said mysteriously.“I just left teaching some sexy co-eds about Dracula and I never seen girls in a classroom that turned on,” Barclay told his friend.

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